Meet the Family

Hi! Welcome to So Much Forever. This is a place for us to share stories of faith and family life. Thank you for joining us!

We first started this blog to keep up with friends and family when we moved away to serve as a missionary family with FOCUS. More recently, I’ve decided to use this space differently-to find my writing voice again. I don’t publish nearly as many posts as I write in  my head, but I do my best!

The title of this blog is a little tribute to our daughter Allie who has taught us to say “I love you so much forever”. It also points forward to our Heavenly Father’s everlasting love for us all (Jer. 31:3), that we hope to share with all those we meet.


We are a pretty laidback family with plenty of quirks to keep us interesting. We enjoy spending time together- reading aloud, making a mess in the kitchen, and playing in the dirt in my yard. Oh wait- that’s just my kids :) We’re a far from perfect family, but we just keep choosing to love each other anyway. This is a space to share some of the moments we’d like to remember.

(photo credit: Adrian Flores)

(photo credit: Adrian Flores)

Sit back and relax – make yourself at home. We hope you will feel welcome here.


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