Winter Happiness

It is February! I know it is common for folks to be done with winter by now and, for the last couple of years, I would have been one of them. But this winter has been different for me in many ways and I am counting up every little thing as a consolation.

We had two birthdays in our family last week (including mine!) which we celebrate as holidays. We have very simple celebrations but the day is full of special time together as a family – no work, no school, just enjoying each other and honoring the birthday girl/boy. So, I always look forward to the last week of January and this year was one of my best birthdays in many years. I was treated to breakfast in bed and a massage in the afternoon. We enjoyed a trip to the local botanic gardens and went out for a birthday dinner. Alex and the kids baked me a cake and it was delicious. I took a walk with a couple of the kids and enjoyed the lovely sunny day.

I spent Saturday visiting friends who live a few hours away. We had such a wonderful time talking over morning coffee that we ended up also having lunch together. It was a total luxury for me to have so much time together and I enjoyed every minute.

Sunday was such a glorious day. We spent most of the afternoon soaking up sunshine and fresh air. The kids rode their trikes and scooters all over the driveway while I played with the baby and kept him from running out to the street.

And this morning? I woke up early for prayer and enjoyed the stillness of the house. My children stayed up too late last night and are – amazingly- sleeping in this morning. I drank my coffee while it was hot. I listened to the winter birds singing outside. It was just a lovely time.

It is supposed to snow some more tomorrow but I don’t even mind. I feel filled up with goodness and perfectly ready to embrace some more winter weather.

I count this all as grace.