Merry Christmas!


We had a really good Advent and Christmas has been lovely.

Our children are at such fun ages for Christmas time. Allie had the excitement and anticipation going strong all of Advent. She was just like me as a little girl. She loves the rituals and family traditions and relishes in sharing them with the boys. It was the baby’s second Christmas but this year he is toddling all around and getting into the Christmas ornaments. It is all new for him!  Joshua and John Paul have really enjoyed the celebration as well. Every day, John Paul asks if it is still Christmas and he is so happy when the answer is yes. (Did you know that it’s still Christmas until Sunday?!) (I learned that when Allie was three and I told her that Christmas on the Ephiphany and then we went to Mass where our dear priest showed me up. I was a little embarrassed.)

Anyway, I hope you have all enjoyed this Christmas time and new year. I’m hoping to get back here soon to share with you a 2015 year in review and some more bits and pieces of our days. Until then, happy new year!