Party of Five

I love it when my children play what they have heard in a story. This week, they were inspired by a book we picked up on a whim at the library this week. The title is Medieval Feast and, as you can imagine, it tells about a great feast that was prepared for a king. It made for a happy morning of imaginary play.

(By happy morning, I hope you know that I do not mean perfect. My kids are real kids and no fewer than three arguments had to be settled in order to proceed with the happiness. Just so you know.)

While my boys played at making tea, my daughter announced that she would be serving cocktails. She kept saying it in a British accent, which I found very funny.


My pretty girl in the tent we set up for the lords and ladies to live in.

I hope you are all having a lovely fall wherever you are!

Feel free to share any pretty, happy, funny, real moments you have had this week! And be sure to stop by the link-up at Like Mother, Like Daughter for more contentment.



P.S. That Amazon link is not affiliate link. It is just there for convenience.


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