Fireworks and other Fun

It’s time for another round of …


1. How did you celebrate Fourth of July?

We were invited to our friends’ home for a cookout. They live in a beautiful historic house out in the country in South Dakota. It was all green fields and big blue sky with good food and better company. The little kids ran around for hours. Some of our priest friends put on an impressive fireworks show. It was a really great time. We will do that every year if we get the chance.

(By the way I made this dessert and slightly modified this salad to bring to the party. I would definitely make them again!)

2. Do you sunburn easily?

I usually sunburn just a bit on my face once at the beginning of the summer and from there on out, I’m good to go. I never really get very tan though. I just look lightly sun-kissed all summer and then go back to normal.

3. Hot Dogs. Yay or nay?

I like grilled hot dogs with mustard and relish. They’re not my favorite but I do think there’s a time and place for a hot dog. Fourth of July being a good example :)

4. Have you ever personally set off any fireworks?

I have not. I love fireworks, but I’m kind of a scaredy-cat about fire. I can’t even light a candle without freaking out a little bit. I love fires and fireworks- I just can’t be the one actually making the fire happen.

5. Have you ever jumped off the high dive?

Yes. I have also jumped off a cliff into a lake and other such shenanigans. And I would totally do it again, except now that I’m a wife and mother I try to be a little more responsible than that. Which is really too bad because I think it’s so much fun.

6. Do you do anything weird in your sleep?

Well I take care of the baby without remembering the next day. So I guess I do that in my sleep, but otherwise, I think I’m a pretty non-weird sleeper. Maybe I should take up some new and more interesting sleep habits. :)

Come join the fun at Kendra’s house! You can link up a post or just answer in the comments.

Have a great week everyone!


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