Tulips, Happy Kids, and a Morning Stroll

I’m joining up today with the lovely ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter for a little Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.




Saturday was a bleak, rainy day. I drove up to my monthly moms’ group meeting and was delighted by these bright beautiful tulips. I always love tulips, but they were particularly lovely on that gray day. That red especially was just gorgeous.




First of all, the baby is just so happy! Really, one of those happy babies that are a dream come true. Some of my other dear darling beloved children were nowhere near as happy, so I know babies are not always easy. But this baby? All the smiles. All the time.

Anyway, my real point was that – get this- I laid the baby down to play and I read a book! And it actually worked out. That’s a big happy! I don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels like the moment I sit down for a minute to myself is the moment that everybody needs something. But maybe I should just try it more often.



I took the kids out to ride trikes on Sunday afternoon. Joshua wiped out at the bottom of a hill and just laughed and laughed. He immediately said he wanted to do that again. Then he and Allie spent about 20 minutes just rolling down the hill on their trikes with their feet up in the hair, laughing hysterically. It was so funny and I just loved their delight over the whole thing.



I was having company over on Monday morning (Hi Karen!) and I realized that we didn’t have any cream for coffee. I had no idea how my friend takes her coffee, and I felt like I should have cream to offer. No problem. I can just zip over to the store and pick some up. Alex was home so I left the kids with him, expecting to be gone for maybe ten minutes. (One point for small towns!)

I drove up to the store, grabbed my phone and wallet, locked the car door, slammed the door shut… and realized I didn’t have the keys. Oopsie. The above picture was from my lovely little walk home from the store. It was a beautiful little view though, right? :)


Do you have any stories from the week to share? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! Happy Thursday, friends!



“Capturing the context of contentment”


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5 thoughts on “Tulips, Happy Kids, and a Morning Stroll

  1. I love tulips, too! How blessed to have a happy baby. The more I had the crankier they got. Not sure why that was…. I also love the fact that after all that, your guest didn’t use the cream. How gracious of you not to make her :)

  2. Those red tulips look especially cheery against the green grass!
    I know what you mean about some of our children not being quite as pleasant as babies! Once you’ve had a fussy baby you don’t take the easy-going ones for granted! ;)

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