Cute Baby, Tea, and A Lot of Books

Here’s 7 Quick Takes on life around here this week…

1. Cute Baby Picture


That’s my little Joseph Karol. Sleeping? Not sleeping. But so cute.

2. Parenting

Joseph is a little over 3 months old now and is starting to be awake for longer stretches of time. I spent much of the last couple days *trying* to put him down for his usual long naps. Never happened. Now we will really see what life is like around here with 4 kiddos.

3. Around the House

I got a little project done that I’ve meant to do for 3 years! Allie got a keepsake box from her godparents on her Baptism day. It holds her Baptismal candle and a few little gifts she received that we want to keep in a safe place. I wanted to make one for Joshua when he was baptized and never got around to it. His keepsakes all got stuffed into a random shoe box “just for now” until I could do the box properly. Fast forward three years and two more boys and I finally decorated some boxes! They’re super simple (we’re talking about putting pretty stickers on boxes here!) but this is the kind of thing I always want to do and just never get around to actually accomplishing. I’m happy about it.

4. In the kitchen

I’ve got a new favorite nap time ritual. Namely, make Earl Grey Lavender tea with cream and honey and then enjoy. It’s just wonderful. It has really made my afternoons more lovely.

5. What I’m reading

I have been on a reading streak lately. Just last week, I read all of the Giver quartet. Before that, I read Anne of Ingleside and The Secret Keeper. Next up is The Dean’s Watch which I’m excited to read for a book club.

6. Weekend Plans

There’s a homeschooling moms retreat on Sat that I get to attend. My spiritual director is giving a talk in the afternoon so that is a bonus. She is so wonderful. I will also need to get ready for my “big boy” Joshua’s 4th birthday on Monday. I can not believe it.

7. Clicking around

The Question Every Pro-Lifer Needs to Ask Themselves – by Sr. Mary Gabriel

Today is a Day of Penance and Prayer – by Leila M. Lawler

Have a great weekend!



P.S. I’m not an affiliate of anything. I will get nothing if you click the links above. They’re just because.


2 thoughts on “Cute Baby, Tea, and A Lot of Books

  1. The Dean’s Watch is now on my wish list. I love Elizabeth Goudge. Have you read The Scent of Water? What did you think of Kate Morton? I really enjoyed The Secret Keeper and The Forgotten Garden. I get lost in her worlds.

    • I haven’t read The Scent of Water. The Dean’s Watch was my first Elizabeth Goudge but I will definitely be reading more of her work. I enjoyed The Secret Keeper and have found myself still mulling over what I would have done if I were the characters. I’m on a really long wait list at the library for The Forgotten Garden. I’m hoping to get to it soon!

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