Lively Imaginations and Cookie Bars {phfr}


I was blessed to go on retreat this past weekend. It was wonderful to have a whole weekend for prayer and rest. Highly recommended! Alex and the kids came to pick me up at the end of the retreat. I was so happy to see them!


They really enjoyed riding the “luggage train”. We just had to make sure John Paul there didn’t jump off! They also really appreciated that I saved my dessert from Sunday lunch to give them for a treat when they arrived. It was some kind of chocolate cookie bar of goodness. They loved it.



We decided to stop in to visit the chapel before we left. Allie set her treat on this little table before going into the chapel… John Paul was happily following us all to the chapel until he caught sights of the cookie bar. Funny boy stopped dead in his tracks.  He looked at it. He looked at me. He looked at it. …He paused for a long time. … Then, he grabbed it and took a bite. He was rather pleased with his choice. :) Fortunately, Allie didn’t seem to notice the missing piece, so … all was well.


While I was gone on retreat, Alex took the kids to our parish’s winter/spring festival. Allie was very excited that they won a “prize” from the silent auction! It was a basket of kids’ arts and crafts supplies- paint, markers, glitter paint pens, and other such wonders. We actually have a lot of the same things already, but these were new! shiny! in their original packaging! and wrapped up like a present with a big white bow! SO, it was spectacular fun and the kids have been arts-and-crafting it up all week. These are some of their pretty pictures which make me especially happy when the kids say “Mommy, I’m painting this picture just for you!”


Art by an almost 5-year old girl…


… art by a just recently 3-year old boy. Both favorites.


We set up a nice space for the kids to “play house” in. There’s plenty of room  on the shelves for their little pots and pans, dishes, and whatever else they come up with, plus we have a bin for all the play food. They can even drive right up to their house in their Cozy Coupe.


But look! There’s nothing on the shelves. It looks like the little residents have all moved out!



They left poor Kanga behind!

Where oh where could they all have gone?


I was informed that the wagon is up there on the chairs ” to lock the doors of the house.”


This situation spread all around the desk… and halfway down the hall! :)

Allie was  very proud when she announced to me that they decided to make a playhouse at my desk. She thought it was a great idea, and I never really know what to do when they have these brilliant and creative ideas that I’m not very fond of… Smite the creativity? Thwart their plans? Kindly ask if I can at least have my tennis shoes back and why did they need them in the first place??? What would you do?

Capturing the context of contentment... Thursdays at LMLD!

Capturing the context of contentment… Thursdays at LMLD!

Thanks to Auntie Leila and her girls for the link!


3 thoughts on “Lively Imaginations and Cookie Bars {phfr}

    • :) Im sure you are a very kind and gentle smiter! :) For me, it usually depends on the situation. If I see the creativity first getting started, I try to relocate it or otherwise redirect to make it work out better. But, this time, i was late to the party. I ended up letting it go on for the day and having them move it the next morning when the novelty had worn off. :)

  1. Yay! I think I can post :) I love your updates and they make me wish you were close. Wanting some of that chocolate cookie goodness and my girls would be a tad jealous of the “house.”

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