A Daybook Written at Night {phfr}

Outside my window

Well… its night time. Its dark out. But this afternoon was very sun-shiny and clear. Granted, it was a high of 1 degrees out there, but Im just *so* much more cheerful when the sun is shining.

I am thankful for

The littles all going to bed nicely for me! Alex is on retreat this weekend and I always dread the bedtime routine when I’m on my own. But Im especially thankful because I took a risky move today and it paid off. I let the kids skip naps today in order to get in a few extra hours with Daddy before he left town. In our house, nap-skipping usually means that the kids are so over-tired that they actually can not rest at night. Seriously. They get crazy. A no-nap day means its a party in the USA at 11 pm. Is that just my kids? Anyway. It didn’t happen tonight. And I am so thankful.

I am thinking about

Toddler boy shenanigans.



He climbed up to the table to polish off the last of the oatmeal after breakfast. (Dont ask why the breakfast was still at the table. It just was.) It’s fine with me if he wants to eat a fifth helping of oatmeal, especially if he’s going to be so cute about it… What Im really trying to illustrate is the climbing. The climbing! If this boy can possibly be climbing on something, he will be. I dont really know what to do about it. Suggestions, anyone?

In the schoolroom

Allie says she’s working on her fractions.


She was walking around this morning singing a little ditty with the lyrics “two halves make a whole.” So we chatted about this mathematical fact for a minute and I drew a very sophisticated diagram picture of a circle divided in half. She asked if she could draw one too, and then proceeded to fill up three pages with circles divided in half. She was adorable-y serious about it, explaining to Joshua that she could not play yet because she needed to work on her fractions.

From the kitchen
Well. Crazy thing happened this week. Somebody turned off the deep freezer. (Allie and Joshua adamantly denied it and blamed Paulie. Of course.) This would be the freezer with ALL of our meat… yup. I freaked out for a minute. Then, fortunately, I realized that the meat was all still cold. It was definitely defrosted but not wasted. Thanks be to God.

Anyway, I had to cook the entire contents of the meat freezer. It was a lot more work than I was planning to do anytime soon, but now I have a freezer packed with ready-to-roll meatloaf, taco meat, carne guisada, roasted chicken, etc. etc. Plus, a pantry full of pressure-canned chicken stock. Good thing, because now Im exhausted! ;)

I am working on
Keeping house. I’ve been working on this for some time now, but progress has been sloooow. I blame moving out of state twice, three children, and my lack of discipline. Nevertheless, the kids and I have been doing a little “Sparkle and Shine” lately, and the best part is… we listen to 50’s rock and roll while we clean. It makes the work so much more joyful! We’ve determined that we most like songs that say things like “Bop she bop she bop rama lama ding dong”.

I am just finished reading

The Chronicles of Narnia series. I never read these as a kid, but I did read the first few several years ago. Around Christmas I decided to read the first few again (love them!) and then read the last of the books to complete the series. Well. I gotta tell you, Im kinda heartbroken. I know its a beautiful ending overall, but (—–) is no friend of Narnia’s anymore?! I couldn’t handle it. I cried like a baby.

I am praying for

The retreat Alex is on this weekend, for the staff and all the students
For several friends who’s family members have cancer
And for a miracle for Samantha. Will you please pray too?

I am listening to

The whirring sound of the kids sound machines. Otherwise it’s strange how quiet the house is.

One of my favorite things

Afternoon tea time :) The kids and I usually have hot tea and a snack in the afternoon when they wake up from naps. They need a hearty snack because we go to Mass at 5 so dinner isnt until 6 at best. Thats when Im on top of my game. Also, I made a coconut chai tea latte the other day and it was delicious. Definitely a new favorite. Just brew your tea as usual but serve it with half a cup of steamed coconut milk. I highly recommend.

Also I’m linking up to Auntie Leila and her family for {pretty, happy, funny, real} for the first time! My girl is pretty and her fractions are funny. The early bedtime is happy and the toddler climbing and freezer situation are so real. :)

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “A Daybook Written at Night {phfr}

  1. Thanks for joining! I know what you mean about the ending of Narnia (and I posted about Narnia today!). But I think that we have to have hope. Don’t give up hope!

    • Leila, thanks for commenting! Im glad to finally join up. I was so glad to see your post on Narnia, as well as the C.S. Lewis links the other day on {b&p}. And, of course, you’re right. We must never give up hope! Sometimes I do need a reminder.

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