Back on campus shortly after Christmas break, I (Alex) ran into Harrison, one of men in my grad student Bible Study.  While catching up with him, he introduced me to his friend Mike.  A few days later, Mike accepted Harrison’s invitation to join him for Mass.  I was overjoyed that he later agreed to attend Bible Study.  Mike came to Bible Study that week and asked some good questions.  We then decided to meet for coffee to talk more.

Some of the Bible Study guysFrom left to right: Mike, Alex, Harrison, Nick

Some of the Bible Study guys
From left to right: Mike, Alex, Harrison, Nick

We had an amazing conversation. It was obvious as we talked that God’s loving hand had brought us together.  I shared how, after college, I had been through the bad breakup of a really bad relationship, and for a long time I turned to alcohol to forget my problems. But the Lord plucked me out of my sin, and turned my life around.  This story resonated with Mike and he shared that he had just gotten out of relationship and had been hiding his drinking problem for years.  He came back to the Newman Center with me and allowed me to teach him how to pray! A few days later, feeling the weight of his own sin, Mike asked me what he should do.  I told him about confession and he met with Father Scott!  God is really working in Mike’s heart. By God’s grace, he has now learned how to pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy, is visiting Jesus in the chapel frequently, attending my Bible Study, and praying 20 to 30 minutes a day.  He has entered RCIA and is meeting with me regularly to learn more about the Catholic faith.


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