Brotherly Love

The highlight of FOCUS training – for Allie, anyway- was definitely the opportunity to play with many new friends she has made. We spent a lot of time playing trains together, taking dolls for walks in baby carriages, crafting works of art, and otherwise being toddlers.

One day after lunch, we were outside enjoying the sunshine and playing with friends. There was a group of kids playing catch with a large rubber ball, and another group building a campfire out of wooden orange blocks. The youngest children, such as our little Joshua, were sort of milling around checking out the action.

At one point, the game of catch became very ‘intense’ and one young boy was dead-set on getting the ball. He crashed into Joshua, knocking him over into the grass. Allie rushed up to the rescue and scolded the young boy, saying “You don’t knock him over! … Because… because… I LOVE him!”

Now doesnt that just warm your little heart? Allie is a wonderful big sister. Unless of course she is the one who wants to knock the baby over! ;)


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